SEIS-UK | NERC Geophysical Equipment Facility

SEIS-UK is the seismic node of the NERC funded Geophysical Equipment Facility (GEF), based in the Geology Department of the University of Leicester, UK.

SEIS-UK provides field equipment, computers and software for experiments involving onshore recording of both earthquakes and controlled seismic sources. Our equipment loans are free of charge to universities and other institutes engaged in environmental research within the NERC remit.

The SEIS-UK team provides expertise and training in the use of field equipment and the associated data management systems. A processing system for continuous seismic data is fully supported, including event detection and location. The team ensures that all data from SEIS-UK experiments are archived permanently at the IRIS DMC. A more complete description of SEIS-UK can be found in our Mission Statement.

Next deadline: 20th April 2018

How to apply

Our committee meets every 6 months to consider new loan applications. The next deadline is shown above. Further details and eligibility criteria are available here.

All applications must be on our official application form.

If your project is funded by a NERC research grant, it is important to discuss your requirements with us prior to submission of the grant application. It is now a requirement to attach a quotation document to fellowship, studentship/DTP and grant applications detailing the notional cost of our services. Please contact us before the grant deadline and we will provide this document. Further information is available in the NERC Grants Handbook.

Manuals and Software

SEIS-UK manuals can be downloaded from our website by clicking here.

SEIS-UK software, as provided on our field netbooks, laptops and data management server in Leicester can be downloaded here. We are only able to provide support for this when installed on a SEIS-UK machine.